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Workshops for Artists and Writers in conjunction with the exhibition Attached To Machines!

What Do We Do When Things Break Down?

How do we fix broken objects, situations, relationships?

In this generative workshop, we invite writers and artists of all mediums to explore their personal method of FIXING.

Through individual and group exercises, participants will become intimate with their personal way of fixing things.

We will use "fixing" as both a process for generating new work, and a theme for the work itself.


Materials List

Bring one to three broken objects to play with!

Pen and Notebook

Sketchbook and drawing materials (pencils, eraser, sharpener ect )


Monday 19th September

Workshop is all day and free!

11am - 4pm

Lunch Break 1-2pm

Participating in this workshop requires commitment from 11am - 4pm 

If you would like to be involved please email confirmation to