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Oakland Art Murmur Art Walk

Join us this coming Saturday, Oct. 15th 2-4pm for OAM 3rd Saturday Walking Tour, themed “Revolution: Internal/External” led by Eric Murphy, Gallery Curator at Joyce Gordon Gallery. The walking tour explores the birthplace of the Black Panther Party and its 50th anniversary. The tour will also explore what revolution means historically and also to the individual. Tour starts at 2pm at Joyce Gordon Gallery | 406 14th St. in downtown Oakland near the corner of Franklin. Light refreshments will be served.

The galleries we will visit include:

 Joyce Gordon Gallery: “The Point Is...2.0 BPP 50th Anniversary exhibit” A group exhibit feat Emory Douglas (former Minister of Culture of the BPP) and the Oakland Maroons Artist Collective honoring the 50th Anniversary of the Black Panther Party with a focus on their 10 Point program and it relevance in the 21st Century.

 Betti Ono Gallery: 6th Anniversary & exhibit - VIRAL: 25 Years From Rodney King (VIRAL: RK25), a touring exhibition and community arts project offering an immersive visualization of violence in U.S. law enforcement over the past quarter century.

 Flight Deck: "Attached To Machines! What Do We Do When Things BreakDown?" is an exhibition of new paintings by British artist, Harriet Poznansky featuring photography by artist and writer Rohan DaCosta, both artists are currently based in
Oakland’s Fruitvale District. Harriet Poznansky and Rohan DaCosta talks about what to do when things break down both mechanically and socially and how do we fix things.

 Very brief stop in route to SoleSpace: View of Zio Zieglers UN 70th Anniversary mural originally set for San Francisco’s War Memorial Opera House, making its permanent detour to Oakland’s 14 story century-old landmark Cathedral Building

 Last two stops is Solespace and OakStop (same building) | Solespace: “50 Years Later The Art Show.” Incorporating fashion, art, and sound, 50 Years Later is a youth - driven commemoration of the Black Panther Party’s rich legacy. 

 OakStop: Talk To Brother Malcolm! This exhibit focuses on Malcolm X’s words, combining famous speeches with original artwork and revolutionary propaganda to inspire a conversation about the genius of his rhetoric.

Come back in the evening for The Oakland Art Murmur Benefit 7-10pm. Live Art, Music, Raffle, Food, Wine + Beer from local Oakland producers. Oakland Art Murmur Annual Benefit Party features the thriving visual arts community of Oakland, an art installation

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