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Harriet Poznansky & Rohan DaCosta: Attached To Machines! What Do We Do When Things Break Down?

"Attached To Machines! What Do We Do When Things Break Down?" is an exhibition of new paintings by British artist Harriet Poznansky featuring photography by artist and writer Rohan DaCosta, both artists are currently based in Oakland's Fruitvale District, CA. 

Poznansky's recent paintings contain an ecology of the mechanical and natural world; initially inspired by observation of a car broken down on the roadside with two people (possibly meeting for the first time) come together over the exposed engine, in an effort to repair. 

In painting the engines from transient memory they become Subjective Engines.

DaCosta's photographs present the dilemma of schisms in urban civilization and the promise of reconciliation and healing.

The exhibition confronts the reality of brokeness and the need for reparation on a societal and personal level; understanding that the break-down can also be a break-through.


This exhibition at The Flight Deck is part of an evolving project led by Poznansky investigating the question "what do we do when things break down?" The final culmination of this exploration will be exhibited in the UK at The Koppel Project, London opening in March 2017. 


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