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Harriet Poznansky is a British Artist based in Oakland, California. She currently works from her studio in Oakland's Fruitvale neighborhood.


She grew up in St.Ives, UK and Studied Painting, Sculpture and Media at The Slade School of Fine Art, London and School of the Art Institute Chicago, SAIC.


Poznansky recently completed a month long residency and exhibition at The Flight Deck, Oakland entitled 'Attached to Machines! What Do We Do When Things Break Down?'. During the month she directed a series of events and workshops alongside her paintings in order to explore the physical, social and mental implications of brokeness and acts of fixing.  


Other selected exhibitions include 'Pandiculate! The Joy of Stretching' at The Koppel Project, London, 2016, 'Autopsy of a Banquet' at Nomadic Press, Oakland, 2015, 'Water Body' at Hardy Tree Gallery, London, 2014 and 'Death and Dying' at MAG3, Vienna, 2014.


Her work has been featured in Eleven Eleven Journal, Aesthetica Magazine, SATE: Nomadic Press Journal, The Oakland Review, No.7 and The Mindful Pianist, Faber Music.


Poznansky publishes a trimonthly Artists to Artist Interview Series online with Nomadic Press and is Director of The Workroom Artist Program - Nomadic Press:- an alternative arts education model for Bay Area artists who are interested in developing their relationship with visual art, poetry and storytelling.